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Simpsons Broadcast History and Ratings:
Australian Season 6

For an explanation of the ratings information, see The Simpsons Broadcast History and Ratings Information. Only partial information is available.

Episode codes followed by an 'R' indicate a repeat; codes followed by an 'M' indicate the credits or opening sequence was cut, and two episodes merged into one.

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Earlier information is not available.
Wed 25 Oct 19957:30pmSideshow Bob Roberts2F02
Wed 1 Nov 19957:30pmTreehouse of Horror IV1F04
Wed 1 Nov 19958:00pmTreehouse of Horror V2F03
Wed 8 Nov 19957:30pmThe PTA Disbands2F19
Wed 15 Nov 19957:30pmPre-empted by The Nanny.
Wed 22 Nov 19957:30pmLemon of Troy2F22
Wed 29 Nov 19957:30pmWho Shot Mr Burns? ó Part One2F16
Wed 6 Dec 19957:30pmHomer Goes to College1F02 RM
Wed 6 Dec 19958:00pmRosebud1F01 RM
Wed 13 Dec 19957:30pmMarge on the Lam1F03 R
Wed 20 Dec 19957:30pmBartís Inner Child1F05 R
Wed 27 Dec 19957:30pmBoy-Scoutz N The Hood1F06 R
Wed 3 Jan 19967:30pm$pringfield1F08 R
Wed 10 Jan 19967:30pmHomer the Vigilante1F09 R
Wed 17 Jan 19967:30pmBart Gets Famous1F11 R
Wed 24 Jan 19967:30pmHomer and Apu1F10 R
Wed 31 Jan 19967:30pmLisa vs Malibu Stacey1F12 R
Wed 7 Feb 19967:30pmDeep Space Homer1F13 R
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