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Simpsons Broadcast History and Ratings:
US Season 7

For an explanation of the ratings information, see The Simpsons Broadcast History and Ratings Information. Only partial information is available.

Episode codes followed by an 'R' indicate a repeat.

Sun 17 Sep 19957:00pmWho Shot Mr Burns? ó Part One2F16 R7.955
Sun 17 Sep 19957:30pmSpecial: Springfield's Most Wanted-8.450
Sun 17 Sep 19958:00pmWho Shot Mr Burns? ó Part Two2F2012.916
Sun 24 Sep 19958:30pmRadioactive Man2F179.551
Sun 1 Oct 19958:00pmHome Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily3F01953
Sun 8 Oct 19958:00pmBart Sells His Soul3F028.843
Sun 15 Oct 19958:00pmLisa the Vegetarian3F03947
Sun 22 Oct 19958:00pmíRound Springfield2F32 R7.163
Sun 29 Oct 19958:00pmTreehouse of Horror V2F0311.532
Sun 29 Oct 19958:30pmTreehouse of Horror IV1F04 R12.921
Sun 5 Nov 19958:00pmKing-Size Homer3F051045
Sun 12 Nov 1995Pre-empted by The Invaders.
Sun 19 Nov 19958:00pmMother Simpson3F069.650
Sun 26 Nov 19958:00pmSideshow Bobís Last Gleaming3F088.749
Sun 3 Dec 19958:00pm"The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular!"3F319.548
Sun 10 Dec 19958:00pmThe Springfield Connection2F21 R7.862
Sun 17 Dec 19958:00pmMarge Be Not Proud3F079.547
Sun 24 Dec 19958:00pmWho Shot Mr Burns? ó Part Two2F20 R5.482
Sun 31 Dec 19958:00pmBart Sells His Soul3F02 R4.874
Sun 7 Jan 19968:00pmTeam Homer3F109.458
Sun 14 Jan 19968:00pmTwo Bad Neighbors3F099.952
Sun 21 Jan 19969:00pmHome Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily3F01 R9.157
Sun 28 Jan 19968:00pmLisa the Vegetarian3F03 R3.790
Sun 4 Feb 19968:00pmScenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield3F118.864
Sun 11 Feb 19968:00pmBart the Fink3F128.764
Sun 11 Feb 19968:30pmRadioactive Man2F17 R9.652
Sun 18 Feb 19968:00pmLisa the Iconoclast3F137.970
Sun 25 Feb 19968:00pmHomer the Smithers3F148.860
Sun 3 Mar 1996Pre-empted by In the Line of Fire.
Sun 10 Mar 19968:00pmKing-Size Homer3F05 R7.762
Sun 17 Mar 19967:00pm"The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular!"3F31 R4.599
Sun 17 Mar 19967:30pmSideshow Bobís Last Gleaming3F08 R6.191
Sun 17 Mar 19968:00pmThe Day the Violence Died3F169.247
Sun 24 Mar 19968:00pmA Fish Called Selma3F157.866
Sun 31 Mar 19968:00pmBart on the Road3F177.263
Sun 7 Apr 19968:00pmBart Sells His Soul3F02 R5.777
Sun 14 Apr 19968:00pm22 Short Films About Springfield3F186.976
Sun 21 Apr 19968:00pmTwo Bad Neighbors3F09 R765
Sun 21 Apr 19968:30pmLisa the Vegetarian3F03 R6.175
Sun 28 Apr 19968:00pm"The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"3F198.348
Sun 28 Apr 19968:30pmTeam Homer3F10 R8.249
Sun 5 May 19968:00pmMuch Apu About Nothing3F208.249
Sun 5 May 19968:30pmBart the Fink3F12 R6.963
Sun 12 May 1996Pre-empted by Mrs Doubtfire.
Sun 19 May 19968:00pmHomerpalooza3F217.857
Sun 19 May 19968:30pmSummer of 4 Ft. 23F228.842
End of new Season Seven episodes.
Sun 26 May 19968:00pmScenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield3F11 R4.973
Sun 2 Jun 19968:00pmRadioactive Man2F17 R5.267
Sun 9 Jun 19968:00pmHomer the Smithers3F14 R567
Sun 16 Jun 19968:00pmKing-Size Homer3F05 R3.783
Sun 23 Jun 19968:00pmLisa the Iconoclast3F13 R5.172
Sun 30 Jun 19968:00pmHome Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily3F01 R5.168
Sun 7 Jul 19968:00pm22 Short Films About Springfield3F18 R5.757
Sun 7 Jul 19968:30pmBart on the Road3F17 R652
Sun 14 Jul 19968:00pmMother Simpson3F06 R5.559
Sun 21 Jul 19968:00pmA Fish Called Selma3F15 R

Sun 28 Jul 19968:00pmTwo Bad Neighbors3F09 R

Sun 4 Aug 19968:00pmMuch Apu About Nothing3F20 R

Sun 11 Aug 19968:00pm"The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"3F19 R

Sun 18 Aug 19968:00pmThe Day the Violence Died3F16 R

Sun 25 Aug 19968:00pmSummer of 4 Ft. 23F22 R

Sun 1 Sep 1996Pre-empted by Tornado.
Sun 8 Sep 1996Pre-empted by Demolition Man.
Sun 15 Sep 1996Pre-empted by The Program.
Sun 22 Sep 1996Pre-empted by Rudy.
Sun 29 Sep 1996Pre-empted by John Woo's Once a Thief.
Sun 6 Oct 1996Pre-empted by Baseball.
Sun 13 Oct 1996Pre-empted.
Sun 20 Oct 1996Pre-empted.
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