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Simpsons Broadcast History and Ratings:
US Season 9

Episode codes followed by an 'R' indicate a repeat.

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Sun 21 Sep 19978:00pmThe City of New York vs Homer Simpson4F22
Sun 28 Sep 19978:00pmThe Principal and the Pauper4F23
Sun 5 Oct 1997Pre-empted by Baseball Playoffs.
Sun 12 Oct 1997Pre-empted by Baseball American League Championship Game 4.
Sun 19 Oct 19978:00pmLisa’s Sax3G02
Sun 26 Oct 19977:00pmThe Springfield Files3G01 R
Sun 26 Oct 19977:30pmTreehouse of Horror VII4F02 R
Sun 26 Oct 19978:00pmTreehouse of Horror VIII5F02
Sun 2 Nov 19978:00pmThe Cartridge Family5F01
Sun 9 Nov 19978:00pmBart Star5F03
Sun 16 Nov 19978:00pmThe Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons5F04
Sun 23 Nov 19978:00pmLisa the Skeptic5F05
Sun 30 Nov 19978:00pmMy Sister, My Sitter4F13 R
Sun 7 Dec 19978:00pmRealty Bites5F06
Sun 14 Dec 19978:00pmThe City of New York vs Homer Simpson4F22 R
Sun 21 Dec 19978:00pmMiracle on Evergreen Terrace5F07
Thu 25 Dec 19978:30pmMiracle on Evergreen Terrace5F07 R
Sun 28 Dec 19978:00pmLisa’s Sax3G02 R
Sun 4 Jan 19988:00pmAll Singing, All Dancing5F24
Thu 8 Jan 19988:00pmBart Star5F03 R
Sun 11 Jan 19988:00pmBart Carny5F08
Sun 18 Jan 19988:00pmThe Cartridge Family5F01 R
Sun 25 Jan 19988:00pmLisa the Skeptic5F05 R
Sun 1 Feb 19988:00pmThe Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons5F04 R
Sun 8 Feb 19988:00pmThe Joy of Sect5F23
Sun 15 Feb 19988:00pmDas Bus5F11
Sun 22 Feb 19988:00pmThe Last Temptation of Krust5F10
Sun 1 Mar 19988:00pmDumbbell Indemnity5F12
Sun 8 Mar 19988:00pmLisa the Simpson4F24
Sun 15 Mar 19988:00pmRealty Bites5F06 R
Sun 22 Mar 19988:00pmThis Little Wiggy5F13
Sun 29 Mar 19988:00pmSimpson Tide3G04
Sun 5 Apr 19988:00pmThe Trouble with Trillions5F14
Sun 12 Apr 19988:00pmLisa’s Sax3G02 R
Sun 19 Apr 19988:00pmGirly Edition5F15
Sun 26 Apr 19988:00pmTrash of the Titans5F09
Sun 3 May 19988:00pmKing of the Hill5F16
Sun 10 May 19988:00pmLost Our Lisa5F17
Sun 17 May 19988:00pmNatural Born Kissers5F18
End of new Season Nine episodes (except 5F20 below).
Sun 24 May 19988:00pmThe Principal and the Pauper4F23 R
Sun 31 May 19988:00pmBart Carny5F08 R
Sun 7 Jun 19988:00pmThe Joy of Sect5F23 R
Sun 14 Jun 19988:00pmDas Bus5F11 R
Sun 21 Jun 19988:00pmThe City of New York vs Homer Simpson4F22 R
Sun 28 Jun 19988:00pmLisa the Simpson4F24 R
Sun 5 Jul 19988:00pmAll Singing, All Dancing5F24 R
Sun 12 Jul 19988:00pmThe Trouble with Trillions5F14 R
Sun 19 Jul 19988:00pmLost Our Lisa5F17 R
Sun 26 Jul 19988:00pmThis Little Wiggy5F13 R
Sun 2 Aug 19988:00pmTrash of the Titans5F09 R
Sun 2 Aug 19988:30pmLisa the Skeptic5F05 R
Sun 9 Aug 19988:00pmSimpson Tide3G04 R
Sun 9 Aug 19988:30pmThe City of New York vs Homer Simpson4F22 R
Sun 16 Aug 19988:00pmGirly Edition5F15 R
Sun 16 Aug 19988:30pmBart Star5F03 R
Thu 20 Aug 19988:00pmThe Last Temptation of Krust5F10 R
Thu 20 Aug 19988:30pmNatural Born Kissers5F18 R
Sun 23 Aug 19988:00pmLard of the Dance5F20
Sun 30 Aug 19988:00pmKing of the Hill5F16 R
Sun 6 Sep 19988:00pmLost Our Lisa5F17 R
Sun 13 Sep 19988:00pmThe Cartridge Family5F01 R
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