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The Simpsons -- Season Fourteen Episodes

For details of Season Fourteen episodes of The Simpsons, consult the Season Fourteen episode guide at the Simpsons Archive.

CodeEpisodeUS air-dateAus air-date
DABF19Treehouse of Horror XIII3 Nov 200212 Feb 2003
DABF22How I Spent My Strummer Vacation10 Nov 200219 Feb 2003
DABF20Bart vs Lisa vs 3rd Grade17 Nov 200226 Feb 2003
DABF18Large Marge24 Nov 20025 Mar 2003
DABF21Helter Shelter1 Dec 200212 Mar 2003
EABF01The Great Louse Detective15 Dec 200219 Mar 2003
EABF02Special Edna5 Jan 200319 Mar 2003
EABF03The Dad Who Knew Too Little12 Jan 200326 Mar 2003
EABF04The Strong Arms of the Ma2 Feb 20032 Apr 2003
EABF06Pray Anything9 Feb 20039 Apr 2003
EABF05Barting Over16 Feb 20036 May 2003
EABF07I’m Spelling as Fast as I Can16 Feb 20036 May 2003
EABF08A Star is Born Again2 Mar 200314 May 2003
EABF09Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington9 Mar 200321 May 2003
EABF10C. E. D’oh16 Mar 200311 Aug 2003
EABF11’Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky30 Mar 200318 Aug 2003
EABF12Three Gays of the Condo13 Apr 200325 Aug 2003
EABF13Dude, Where’s My Ranch?27 Apr 20031 Sep 2003
EABF14Old Yeller-Belly4 May 20038 Sep 2003
EABF15Brake My Wife, Please11 May 200324 Sep 2003
EABF16The Bart of War18 May 20034 Nov 2003
EABF17Moe Baby Blues18 May 200311 Nov 2003



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