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This page contains news regarding various TV shows screening in Australia, focussing on those I actually watch (predominantly sitcoms and science fiction). In particular, changes in scheduling are carefully monitored and reported, both anticipated and after the fact. Both the free-to-air networks and Foxtel pay TV are covered.

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2nd December, 2006

It's amazing to finally see a science fiction TV channel arrive on cable in Australia, in the guise of the new Sci Fi. Of course, looking at the schedule can be a bit scary, especially when the printed Foxtel Guide doesn't quite match the online version and the EPG.

On the main page, I've done my best to break down Sci Fi's schedule into streams. In simple terms, if you want to watch the episodes of a series in order, pick a stream and tune in to that timeslot each week (or day). The series are listed in alphabetical order, and each row is a separate stream. Some streams air the same episode on more than one day, appearing as two lines within the one row. A number of streams continue on from TV1.

All season.episode numbers refer to listings at That's also where the series name links go (mostly). A handful of anomalous episodes have also aired, some used as filler on Sci Fi's first day, some perhaps likely to repeat.

Sorry I haven't been updating the site. I hope that those who find this page find my Sci Fi guide useful.

Australian TV News Archive: Second Half, 2003.

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