Space: Above and Beyond

Space: Above and Beyond was produced by Glen Morgan and James Wong, who did their apprenticeship working on The X-Files. The series follows the tides of war between humanity and an advanced, alien civilisation, through the eyes of the 58th Squadron. In typical X-Files fashion, all is not as it seems. Unfortunately, the extent of the conspiracy was never revealed, as the series was cancelled after only one season. In case you're wondering, the last episode would have ended differently had they not known there would be no second season.

In Australia, the show originally aired on Channel Seven. It was later picked up by the Foxtel channel, FOX8.

Space: Above and Beyond Australian Broadcast Information

Space: Above and Beyond Episode List

Season One (1995-96)

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Space: Above and Beyond Australian Broadcast Info

Space: Above and Beyond
Channel:Seven & FOX8
Timeslot:Not currently airing.
Current Status:Not currently airing.
Season Start:

Space: Above and Beyond Episode List

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Season One (1995-96)

1Space: Above and Beyond (1)3S79
2Space: Above and Beyond (2)3S79
3The Farthest Man From Home3S01
4The Dark Side Of The Sun3S02
6Ray Butts3S04
8The Enemy3S05
9Hostile Visit (1)3S07
10Choice Or Chance (2)3S08
11Stay With The Dead3S09
12The River Of Stars3S10
13Who Monitors the Birds?3S11
14Level of Necessity3S12
15Never No More (1)3S13
16The Angriest Angel (2)3S14
17Toy Soldiers3S15
18Dear Earth3S16
22Sugar Dirt3S17
23And If They Lay Us Down To Rest...3S21
24...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best3S22

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