The Tracey Ullman Show Episode Guide

The Tracey Ullman Show is best known as the birthplace of The Simpsons. What follows is a guide to the comedy and cartoon sketches featured in each episode.

The Tracey Ullman Show Episode Guide

Notes on the Episode Guide

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

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Notes on the Episode Guide

Information for the Episode Guide was collected by viewing The Tracey Ullman Show on The Comedy Channel on Foxtel (an Australian pay TV provider). Additional information was taken from documents by Don Del Grande and Roger Reini at The Simpsons Archive, to whom I am grateful. The Guide is unfortunately incomplete, and I would be indebted to anyone who can supply me with the missing information.

The following points should be noted:

The names below are those of the sketches in each program.
The Simpsons segments are shown in bold.
The first column contains the production code for each episode.
Five episodes in season 1 contain the animated adventures of Dr N!Godatu (shown in italics) instead of the Simpsons; these are not particularly funny.
Two episodes in season 3 and two in season 4 are clip shows of Tracey’s other characters and do not contain Simpsons shorts.
There are no Simpsons shorts in season 4 (except a repeat of Simpson Xmas in 7W11).
In seasons 1 and 2, the Simpsons appear as three or four separate acts; in season 3, they appear as a single sketch.
Season 3 includes a number of short leaders (bumpers) between sketches, depicting backstage activities.
See the episode capsules at The Simpsons Archive for more information.

The standard screening plan for each show is indicated in the last column of each table. The following symbols are used:
S Simpsons segment.
x Other sketch.
- Ad break.


4W01 The Makeover Dr. N!godatu High Hopes The Audition
4W03 The Letter Blind Date Quality Time David Meets the Folks
4W04 Lottery Good Night (MG01) Ambulance Pickup Girl on a Ledge xS-SxSxS-
4W02 Like Mother Freeway Spontaneity Answering Machine
4W06 Comedian Watching Television (MG02) Kay and the Co-Worker The Right Guy xSS-xSxS-
4W07 Kay on Vacation Bart Jumps (MG03) The Session Close to You xS-xSxS-
4W26 Francesca — A Girl’s Life Fishtank Happy Lady Vive La Different
4W08 Trapeze Babysitting Maggie (MG04) Smalls’ Talk Last Chance Commercial xS-SxSxS-
4W09 Meg and Tina in August The Dream Pre-school Kiki Howard-Smith Sings
4W10 Ariel’s Comeback The Pacifier (MG05) Dance Challenge Sir xS-SxSx-S
4W25 Breakfast Burp Contest (MG06) Crisis on Elm Drive Meg & Tina Get Pizza xS-SxS-xS
4W11 Francesca’s Choice Eating Dinner (MG07) Gotta Dance Scandal xS-SxSx-S
4W12 Kay’s Happy Hour Scanner Click What I Did for Love

SEASON TWO (1987-88)

4W16 Meg’s Lucky Night Making Faces (MG09) Skin the Duck
4W17 Kay’s Old Love The Funeral (MG14) Drugs and Guns
4W14 Francesca’s First Job Maggie’s Brain (MG10) The Little Neurotic From Down Under City of Strangers
4W24 The Affair Football (MG08) When In Rome Weather or Not xS-SxSx-S
4W15 The Gardener on the Floor House of Cards (MG12) Calendar Girl Decoration Day xS-SxSx-S
4W05 Monkey Wench Bart and Dad Eat Dinner (MG15) The Concert Birthday Boy xSS-xSxS-
4W18 Max’s Birthday Party Space Patrol (MG13) Two Too Good People Beverly Hills Proc xS-SxS-xS
4W13 Romantic Mommy Bart’s Haircut (MG18) K-AIR
4W22 Meg’s Shower World War III (MG20) Foreign Exchange
4W19 Kay’s Adventure The Perfect Crime (MG16) Noddy’s Bubble Customs xS-SxSx-S
4W21 Rock Bottom Scary Stories (MG17) The Cryonic Man
4W23 Kay’s Last Stand Grandpa and the Kids (MG19) Auto Erotica Waiting xS-SxS-xS
4W20 On Her Toes Gone Fishin’ (MG11) Tina and the Professor The High and the Not So Mighty ????xSx-S
5W01 Valet Skateboarding (MG21) Gold Diggers of 1988
5W02 Chained Melodies The Pagans (MG22) The Test
5W03 Storm at Sea The Closet (MG23) A Little Stream of Consciousness from Down Under The Pits
5W04 Changing Lanes The Aquarium (MG24) Treasure Wings of Love xS-S -S
5W05 Francesca Alone Family Portrait (MG25) People At Work
xS-S -S
5W06 Ginny Redux Bart’s Hiccups (MG26) Fear Real Lace xS-SxSx
5W07 Kay: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Money Jar (MG27) Late Night Checkout
5W09 The Sleepover The Art Museum (MG29) Dr. Gibson’s Mentor
xS-S -S
5W08 Dinner Theater Zoo Story (MG28) Cinema Verite The Medley xS-S xS-

SEASON THREE (1988-89)

Spec3 Backstage Special (1 hour) (Simpsons discussion appears between Meg & Tina and the next ad; includes Bart’s Haircut).
5W10 9 Minutes and 52 Seconds Over Tokyo Shut Up Simpsons (MG30) Our Dinner at Troy’s
5W11 Tell and Kiss The Shell Game (MG35) The Big Wheel
5W12 To Masseur With Love The Bart Simpson Show (MG38) Conjugal Visit
5W13 Ginny vs. Roz Stars are Ours Punching Bag (MG33) Dance Studio xx-Sx-
5W14 Santa Baby Simpson Xmas (MG40) New Year’s Eve
5W16 Francesca’s Autobiography (Francesca Clip Show)

5W17 Kay Babysits The Krusty the Clown Show (MG39) Check, Please
5W18 Francesca’s Task Bart the Hero (MG34) The Nuclear Family
5W19 Special Skills Bart’s Little Fantasy (MG41) Flesh and Desire Heaven x-Sx-x
5W20 Francesca: A Physical Education Scary Movie (MG37) Someone to Watch Over Me
5W21 The Subway Home Hypnotism (MG32) I Do, I Will
5W22 Rock On the Block Shoplifting (MG31) The Height of Friendship The Orange Badge of Courage xS-x-x
5W23 Goodbye, Butchie Echo Canyon (MG36) The Handout Teamies x-Sx-x
5W24 Occupied Bathtime (MG44) Mr. Right
5W25 Stress Management Bart’s Nightmare (MG45) Rudy Visits Omi Brick House x-Sx-x
5W26 Kay: Trapped (Kay Clip Show)

5W27 Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Kay Bart of the Jungle (MG46) Sweet Dreams Pumping Irony -S
5W28 Maid Service Family Therapy (MG47) Code of Silence Clowns D’Amore -S
5W29 The Wave Girls Maggie in Peril: Chapter One (MG42) The Cure D.U.I. -S
5W30 All About Tammy Lee Maggie in Peril: The Thrilling Conclusion (MG43)

5W15 Psychiatric Hour T.V. Simpsons (MG48) Summer Goes Shopping Who Now, Brown Cow x-Sxx-
5W76 One hour special “D.U.I.”, “Mr. Right”, “Family Therapy”, “9 Minutes and 52 Seconds Over Tokyo”, “Conjugal Visit”, “Special Skills”. x-x-Sx-x-x

SEASON FOUR (1989-90)

7W01 ...And God Created Tillman A Rare Talent

7W02 My Date With Il Duce The Wrong Message The Thrill is Gone

7W03 Da Me La Mano Needle in a Haystack

7W04 The Final Polka Sermon on the Mound My Baby

7W05 The Co-op The Man Who Got Away Parallel Existence (My Better Whole)

7W06 Two Time Losers The Gate

7W07 The Crisis The Baltimore Stoops

7W08 By Stuff Possessed The Holland Tunnel of Love

7W09 Power Play Break Up Something Cool

7W10 Look Back In Anxiety
(Psychiatrist's Clip Show)
“Fear”, “The Little Neurotic From Down Under”, “Gotta Dance”, “Dr. Gibson’s Mentor”.
7W11 Kay’s Gift Merry Catnip Simpson Xmas (MG40) Two Lost Souls x-x-Sx
7W12 Ginny’s Second Chance Maria and the Mister

7W13 I’m Dating a Corporate Lawyer A Ginny Nocturne Dawg Day Afternoon

7W14 Due Diligence You Call That a Dress?

7W15 The Word The Fee The Sell

7W16 Creative Differences Jinx Haber Revisited Tea

7W17 Ginny Eats Escrow I Hate Paris

7W18 The Dream Is Over
(Downeys’ Clip Show)
“The Orange Badge of Courage”, “Pumping Irony”, “The Affair”, “Break Up”.
7W19 High School Sweethearts Dear Taxpayer Me, Myself & I

7W21 The Hormonal Conversion Who Is He? Face the Music

7W22 Her First Grownup Daisy’s Decline

7W23 Under the Bounding Main Arms Control

7W20 Modern Maturity Spies Baseball Wives

Spec4 Best of 89-90 (90 minutes) “Tea”, “Power Play”, “Two Time Losers”, “…And God Created Tillman”, “Something Cool”, “Creative Differences”, “I Hate Paris”, “Due Diligence”.

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