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4th December, 2003

Well, it's taken a while, but I've finally updated all 2003 info for The Simpsons on Channel Ten. (I think I'll be giving the newspaper recycling collector a hernia next week!) Foxtel info has been left mostly blank, and the timeslots should be ignored for now, but I expect to update this as well in the next couple of weeks. With any luck, I'll be able to keep the site up to date subsequently. It's been a long, hard year -- hopefully 2004 will be more forgiving!

Also updated are the Australian and US season pages and the episode list, along with all the monthly pages (Channel Ten info only).

2nd November, 2003

Look out for a new episode on Tuesday, 4th November at 8:30pm (replacing the advertised programme).

18th October, 2003

No idea when Ten's going to air the last two episodes of Season Fourteen, but they'd better hurry up or Foxtel will catch them: FOX8 starts screening the 14th Season of The Simpsons for the first time tomorrow at 8:00pm, repeated at 3:00am, and continuing every subsequent Sunday.

27th June, 2003

Because I'm not currently updating the Simpsons part of the site (I hope to get back to it soon, but real life has interfered somewhat), Simpsons news has been folded into general TV news for the moment. I suggest you look there for any updates, though nothing's really been happening, anyway. Ten's been in repeats for weeks, and it's not clear when new episodes will return.

11th February, 2003

I haven't had time to catch up on this site yet, but with ratings back, I thought I'd just post a quick note.

Season Fourteen of The Simpsons kicks off this Wednesday at 7:30pm on Ten.

On FOX8, Summerfest is over, so we're back to two weekday streams, each airing one episode each day with one repeat. There has been a change on Sundays, with Season Thirteen episodes now at 7:30pm and 2:30am, followed immediately by an older episode (generally starting something more than five minutes before the half hour).

I'll try to get back to more regular updates soon, but unfortunately the real world is likely to continue to interfere for some time to come. My apologies.

8th January, 2003

Due to unfortunate circumstances, this site will not be updated for at least a week. I do apologise and hope to be back as soon as possible.

Australian Simpsons News Archive: Second Half, 2002.

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