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Simpsons Broadcast History and Ratings:
Australian Season 17

Episode codes followed by an 'R' indicate a repeat. Starred episodes did not air in Melbourne (or some other regions).

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Tue 14 Feb 20067:30pmBonfire of the ManateesGABF18
Tue 21 Feb 20067:30pmMilhouse of Sand and FogGABF19
Tue 28 Feb 20067:30pmTreehouse of Horror XVIGABF17
Tue 7 Mar 20067:30pmMarge’s Son PoisoningGABF20
Tue 14 Mar 20067:30pmThe Heartbroke KidGABF11 R
Tue 14 Mar 20068:00pmSweets and Sour MargeDABF03 R
Wed 15 Mar 20067:30pmSleeping with the EnemyFABF19 R
Wed 15 Mar 20068:00pmHungry, Hungry HomerCABF09 R
Tue 21 Mar 20067:30pmI’m Spelling as Fast as I CanEABF07 R
Tue 21 Mar 20068:00pmThe Way We Weren’tFABF13 R
Wed 22 Mar 20067:30pmLarge MargeDABF18 R
Wed 22 Mar 20068:00pmGuess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner?AABF21 R
Tue 28 Mar 20067:30pmSee Homer RunGABF21
Tue 4 Apr 20067:30pmThe Last of the Red Hat MamasGABF22
Tue 11 Apr 20067:30pmThe Father, the Son and the Holy Guest StarGABF09 R
Tue 11 Apr 20068:00pmI’m Goin’ to PraiselandCABF15 R
Tue 11 Apr 20068:30pmPray AnythingEABF06 R
Tue 11 Apr 20069:00pmShe of Little FaithDABF02 R
Tue 18 Apr 20067:30pmBrake My Wife, PleaseEABF15 R
Tue 25 Apr 20067:30pmThe Italian BobHABF02
Tue 9 May 20067:30pmHow I Spent My Strummer VacationDABF22 R
Tue 23 May 20067:30pmHelter ShelterDABF21 R
Tue 6 Jun 20067:30pmSimpsons Christmas StoriesHABF01
Tue 13 Jun 20067:30pmHomer’s Paternity CootHABF03
Tue 20 Jun 20067:30pmWe’re on the Road to D’ohwhereHABF04
Mon 26 Jun 20069:40pmWeekend at Burnsie’sDABF11 R
Mon 26 Jun 200610:10pmNatural Born Kissers5F18 R
Tue 27 Jun 20067:30pmMy Fair LaddyHABF05
Thu 29 Jun 20068:00pmBart Has Two MommiesHABF07
Tue 4 Jul 20067:30pmThe Seemingly Never-Ending StoryHABF06
Tue 18 Jul 20067:30pmHomer Simpson, This is Your WifeHABF08
Tue 25 Jul 20067:30pmKiss Kiss Bang BangaloreHABF10
Fri 4 Aug 20067:30pmMy Mother the CarjackerEABF18 R
Tue 8 Aug 20067:30pmThe Wettest Stories Ever ToldHABF11
Tue 8 Aug 20068:30pmMillion Dollar AbieHABF09
Tue 8 Aug 20069:00pmTreehouse of Horror V2F03 R
Fri 11 Aug 20067:30pmThe President Wore PearlsEABF20 R
Tue 15 Aug 20067:30pmGirls Just Want to Have SumsHABF12
Fri 18 Aug 20067:30pmThe Regina MonologuesEABF22 R
Tue 22 Aug 20067:30pmRegarding MargieHABF13
Fri 25 Aug 20067:30pmThe Fat and the FurriestEABF19 R
Fri 1 Sep 20067:30pmToday, I am a KlownFABF01 R
Tue 5 Sep 20067:30pmThe Monkey SuitHABF14
Fri 8 Sep 20067:30pmTreehouse of Horror IXAABF01 R*
Tue 12 Sep 20067:30pmHomer and Marge Turn a Couple PlayHABF16
End of new Season Seventeen episodes.
Fri 15 Sep 20067:30pmKing of the Hill5F16 R
Tue 19 Sep 20067:30pmAll’s Fair in Oven WarFABF20 R
Fri 22 Sep 20067:30pmThe Ziff Who Came to DinnerFABF08 R*
Mon 25 Sep 20068:00pmSmart and SmarterFABF09 R*
Tue 26 Sep 20067:30pmShe Used to Be My GirlFABF22 R
Fri 29 Sep 20067:30pmThe Last Temptation of Homer1F07 R*
Tue 3 Oct 20067:30pmFat Man and Little BoyFABF21 R
Fri 6 Oct 20067:30pmI, D’oh-botFABF04 R
Tue 10 Oct 20067:30pmMidnight RxFABF16 R
Fri 13 Oct 20067:30pmMargical History TourFABF06 R
Tue 24 Oct 20067:30pmMommie BeerestGABF01 R
Tue 31 Oct 20067:30pmTreehouse of Horror XIIIDABF19 R
Tue 7 Nov 20067:30pmHomer and Ned’s Hail Mary PassGABF02 R
Tue 14 Nov 20067:30pmPranksta RapGABF03 R
Thu 16 Nov 200610:00pmNatural Born Kissers5F18 R
Tue 21 Nov 20067:30pmThere’s Something About MarryingGABF04 R
Tue 28 Nov 20067:30pmOn a Clear Day I Can’t See My SisterGABF05 R
Thu 30 Nov 200610:00pmFraudcast NewsFABF18 R
Tue 5 Dec 20067:30pmMilhouse Doesn’t Live Here AnymoreFABF07 R
Tue 12 Dec 20067:30pmSmart and SmarterFABF09 R
Tue 19 Dec 20067:30pmThe Wandering JuvieFABF11 R
Mon 25 Dec 20067:30pmMarge Be Not Proud3F07 R
Mon 25 Dec 20068:00pm’Tis the Fifteenth SeasonFABF02 R
Tue 26 Dec 20067:30pmMy Big Fat Geek WeddingFABF12 R
Tue 26 Dec 20068:00pmBart-Mangled BannerFABF17 R
Tue 2 Jan 20077:30pmCatch ’em If You CanFABF14 R
Tue 9 Jan 20077:30pmSimple SimpsonFABF15 R
Tue 9 Jan 20078:00pmMr. Spritz Goes to WashingtonEABF09 R*
Tue 23 Jan 20077:30pmThe Strong Arms of the MaEABF04 R
Tue 23 Jan 20078:00pmA Star is Born AgainEABF08 R
Tue 30 Jan 20077:30pmBart vs Lisa vs 3rd GradeDABF20 R
Tue 30 Jan 20078:00pmThe Great Louse DetectiveEABF01 R
Tue 6 Feb 20077:30pmGoo Goo Gai PanGABF06 R
Tue 6 Feb 20078:00pmC. E. D’ohEABF10 R
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