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Simpsons Broadcast History and Ratings:
Australian Season 18

Episode codes followed by an 'R' indicate a repeat. Starred episodes did not air in Melbourne (or some other regions).

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Tue 13 Feb 20077:30pmThe Mook, the Chef, the Wife, and Her HomerHABF15
Tue 13 Feb 20078:00pmThree Gays of the CondoEABF12 R
Tue 20 Feb 20077:30pmJazzy and the PussycatsHABF18
Tue 20 Feb 20078:00pmMoe Baby BluesEABF17 R
Tue 27 Feb 20077:30pmPlease Homer Donít Hammer íEmHABF20
Tue 27 Feb 20078:00pmHomer the MoeCABF20 R
Sun 4 Mar 20077:00pmThe Haw-Hawed CoupleJABF02
Tue 6 Mar 20077:30pmTreehouse of Horror XVIIHABF17
Tue 6 Mar 20078:00pmA Hunka Hunka Burns in LoveCABF18 R
Tue 13 Mar 20077:30pmG.I. DíohHABF21
Tue 13 Mar 20078:00pmThe Blunder YearsCABF21 R
Fri 23 Mar 20077:30pmIím With CupidAABF11 R
Fri 23 Mar 20078:00pmThe Sweetest ApuDABF14 R
Tue 27 Mar 20077:30pmMoeíNía LisaHABF19
Tue 27 Mar 20078:00pmJaws Wired ShutDABF05 R
Tue 3 Apr 20078:00pmHalf-Decent ProposalDABF04 R
Fri 6 Apr 20077:30pmThe Last of the Red Hat MamasGABF22 R
Fri 6 Apr 20078:00pmSimpsons Bible StoriesAABF14 R
Fri 13 Apr 20077:30pmThirty Minutes Over TokyoAABF20 R
Fri 13 Apr 20078:00pmBlame it on LisaDABF10 R
Tue 17 Apr 20077:30pmIce Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)HABF22
Tue 17 Apr 20078:00pmThe Latest Gun in the WestDABF07 R
Fri 20 Apr 20078:00pmThe Dad Who Knew Too LittleEABF03 R
Tue 24 Apr 20078:00pmTales from the Public DomainDABF08 R
Wed 25 Apr 20078:00pmíScuse Me While I Miss the SkyEABF11 R
Tue 1 May 20077:30pmKill Gil, Volumes 1 & 2JABF01
Tue 1 May 20078:00pmOld Yeller-BellyEABF14 R
Wed 2 May 20078:00pmBehind the LaughterBABF19 R
Tue 8 May 20077:30pmThe Wife AquaticJABF03
Tue 8 May 20078:00pmMobile HomerGABF07 R
Tue 15 May 20077:30pmRevenge is a Dish Best Served Three TimesJABF05
Tue 15 May 20078:00pmThe Seven-Beer SnitchGABF08 R
Tue 29 May 20077:30pmLittle Big GirlJABF04
Tue 29 May 20078:00pmFuture-DramaGABF12 R
Tue 5 Jun 20077:30pmSpringfield UpJABF07
Tue 5 Jun 20078:00pmDonít Fear the RooferGABF10 R
Wed 6 Jun 20078:00pmItís a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad MargeBABF18 R*
Tue 12 Jun 20077:30pmYokel ChordsJABF09
Tue 12 Jun 20078:00pmA Star is TornGABF13 R
Tue 19 Jun 20077:30pmRome-old and Juli-ehJABF08
Tue 19 Jun 20078:00pmThank God Itís DoomsdayGABF14 R
Wed 20 Jun 20078:00pmThe Wettest Stories Ever ToldHABF11 R*
Tue 26 Jun 20077:30pmHomerazziJABF06
Tue 26 Jun 20078:00pmHome Away from HomerGABF15 R
Wed 27 Jun 20078:00pmMommie BeerestGABF01 R
Tue 3 Jul 20077:30pmMarge GamerJABF10
Tue 3 Jul 20078:00pmThe Father, the Son and the Holy Guest StarGABF09 R
Wed 4 Jul 20078:00pmHomer and Nedís Hail Mary PassGABF02 R
Tue 10 Jul 20077:30pmThe Boys of BummerJABF11
Tue 10 Jul 20078:00pmAllís Fair in Oven WarFABF20 R
Tue 17 Jul 20077:30pmCrook and LadderJABF13
Tue 17 Jul 20078:00pmShe Used to Be My GirlFABF22 R
Tue 24 Jul 20077:30pmStop or My Dog Will ShootJABF12
Tue 24 Jul 20078:00pmSleeping with the EnemyFABF19 R
Thu 26 Jul 20077:30pmJaws Wired ShutDABF05 R
Thu 26 Jul 20078:00pmThe Making of the Simpsons Movie
Tue 31 Jul 20077:30pm24 MinutesJABF14
Tue 31 Jul 20078:00pmFat Man and Little BoyFABF21 R
Thu 2 Aug 20077:30pmHow I Spent My Strummer VacationDABF22 R
Thu 2 Aug 20078:00pmTrash of the Titans5F09 R
Tue 7 Aug 20077:30pmYou Kent Always Say What You WantJABF15
Tue 7 Aug 20078:00pmMidnight RxFABF16 R
End of new Season Eighteen episodes.
Thu 9 Aug 20077:30pmAll Singing, All Dancing5F24 R
Thu 9 Aug 20078:00pmA Tale of Two SpringfieldsBABF20 R
Tue 14 Aug 20077:30pmBonfire of the ManateesGABF18 R
Tue 14 Aug 20078:00pmTreehouse of Horror XIIIDABF19 R
Thu 16 Aug 20077:30pmMayored to the MobAABF05 R
Thu 16 Aug 20078:00pmGuess Whoís Coming to Criticize Dinner?AABF21 R
Tue 21 Aug 20077:30pmThe Girl Who Slept Too LittleGABF16 R
Tue 21 Aug 20078:00pmLarge MargeDABF18 R
Thu 23 Aug 20077:30pmPray AnythingEABF06 R
Thu 23 Aug 20078:00pmSweets and Sour MargeDABF03 R
Tue 4 Sep 20077:30pmMilhouse of Sand and FogGABF19 R
Tue 4 Sep 20078:00pmThe Strong Arms of the MaEABF04 R
Tue 11 Sep 20077:30pmMargeís Son PoisoningGABF20 R
Tue 11 Sep 20078:00pmMr. Spritz Goes to WashingtonEABF09 R
Tue 18 Sep 20077:30pmSee Homer RunGABF21 R
Tue 18 Sep 20078:00pmC. E. DíohEABF10 R
Tue 25 Sep 20077:30pmThe Italian BobHABF02 R
Tue 25 Sep 20078:00pmThree Gays of the CondoEABF12 R
Tue 2 Oct 20077:30pmSimpsons Christmas StoriesHABF01 R
Tue 2 Oct 20078:00pmMoe Baby BluesEABF17 R

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