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The Simpsons -- Season Twelve Episodes

For details of Season Twelve episodes of The Simpsons, consult the Season Twelve episode guide at the Simpsons Archive.

CodeEpisodeUS air-dateAus air-date
BABF21Treehouse of Horror XI1 Nov 200021 Feb 2001
BABF20A Tale of Two Springfields5 Nov 200014 Feb 2001
BABF17Insane Clown Puppy12 Nov 200014 Feb 2001
CABF01Lisa the Treehugger19 Nov 200028 Feb 2001
CABF04Homer vs Dignity26 Nov 20007 Mar 2001
CABF02The Computer Wore Menace Shoes3 Dec 200014 Mar 2001
CABF03The Great Money Caper10 Dec 200021 Mar 2001
CABF06Skinnerís Sense of Snow17 Dec 200028 Mar 2001
BABF22HOMR7 Jan 20014 Apr 2001
CABF05Pokey Mom14 Jan 200125 Apr 2001
CABF08Worst Episode Ever4 Feb 20012 May 2001
CABF07Tennis the Menace11 Feb 20019 May 2001
CABF10Day of the Jackanapes18 Feb 200116 May 2001
CABF12New Kids on the Blecch25 Feb 200125 Mar 2001
CABF09Hungry, Hungry Homer4 Mar 200123 May 2001
CABF11Bye Bye Nerdie11 Mar 200130 May 2001
CABF13Simpson Safari1 Apr 20016 Jun 2001
CABF14Trilogy of Error29 Apr 20018 Aug 2001
CABF15Iím Goiní to Praiseland6 May 200115 Aug 2001
CABF16Children of a Lesser Clod13 May 200122 Aug 2001
CABF17Simpsons Tall Tales20 May 200129 Aug 2001



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