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The Simpsons -- Season Fifteen Episodes

For details of Season Fifteen episodes of The Simpsons, consult the Season Fifteen episode guide at the Simpsons Archive.

CodeEpisodeUS air-dateAus air-date
EABF21Treehouse of Horror XIV2 Nov 20033 Feb 2004
EABF18My Mother the Carjacker9 Nov 200311 Feb 2004
EABF20The President Wore Pearls16 Nov 200317 Feb 2004
EABF22The Regina Monologues23 Nov 200318 Feb 2004
EABF19The Fat and the Furriest30 Nov 200324 Feb 2004
FABF01Today, I am a Klown7 Dec 200325 Feb 2004
FABF02’Tis the Fifteenth Season14 Dec 20032 Mar 2004
FABF03Marge vs Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays4 Jan 200410 Mar 2004
FABF04I, D’oh-bot11 Jan 200417 Mar 2004
FABF05Diatribe of a Mad Housewife25 Jan 200424 Mar 2004
FABF06Margical History Tour8 Feb 200431 Mar 2004
FABF07Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore15 Feb 200421 Apr 2004
FABF09Smart and Smarter22 Feb 20041 Sep 2004
FABF08The Ziff Who Came to Dinner14 Mar 200428 Apr 2004
FABF10Co-Dependent’s Day21 Mar 200412 May 2004
FABF11The Wandering Juvie28 Mar 20045 May 2004
FABF12My Big Fat Geek Wedding18 Apr 20048 Sep 2004
FABF14Catch ’em If You Can25 Apr 200415 Sep 2004
FABF15Simple Simpson2 May 200422 Sep 2004
FABF13The Way We Weren’t9 May 200429 Sep 2004
FABF17Bart-Mangled Banner16 May 20046 Oct 2004
FABF18Fraudcast News23 May 200415 Nov 2004



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