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The Simpsons -- Season Sixteen Episodes

For details of Season Sixteen episodes of The Simpsons, consult the Season Sixteen episode guide at the Simpsons Archive.

CodeEpisodeUS air-dateAus air-date
FABF23Treehouse of Horror XV7 Nov 200419 Jul 2005
FABF20Allís Fair in Oven War14 Nov 20041 Feb 2005
FABF19Sleeping with the Enemy21 Nov 20048 Feb 2005
FABF22She Used to Be My Girl5 Dec 200415 Feb 2005
FABF21Fat Man and Little Boy12 Dec 200422 Feb 2005
FABF16Midnight Rx16 Jan 20051 Mar 2005
GABF01Mommie Beerest30 Jan 20058 Mar 2005
GABF02Homer and Nedís Hail Mary Pass6 Feb 200515 Mar 2005
GABF03Pranksta Rap13 Feb 20055 Apr 2005
GABF04Thereís Something About Marrying20 Feb 200517 May 2005
GABF05On a Clear Day I Canít See My Sister6 Mar 200512 Apr 2005
GABF06Goo Goo Gai Pan13 Mar 200519 Apr 2005
GABF07Mobile Homer20 Mar 200526 Apr 2005
GABF08The Seven-Beer Snitch3 Apr 20053 May 2005
GABF12Future-Drama17 Apr 200524 May 2005
GABF10Donít Fear the Roofer1 May 20056 Sep 2005
GABF11The Heartbroke Kid1 May 200522 Aug 2005
GABF13A Star is Torn8 May 200529 Aug 2005
GABF14Thank God Itís Doomsday8 May 200513 Sep 2005
GABF15Home Away from Homer15 May 200520 Sep 2005
GABF09The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star15 May 200527 Sep 2005

Note: Episode FABF23 was first seen in Australia on Foxtel pay TV, on the 17th July 2005.



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