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Simpsons Broadcast History and Ratings:
Australian Season 14

Episode codes followed by an 'R' indicate a repeat; codes followed by an 'M' indicate the credits or opening sequence was cut, and two episodes merged into one. Starred episodes did not air in Melbourne (or some other regions).

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Wed 12 Feb 20037:30pmTreehouse of Horror XIIIDABF19
Fri 14 Feb 20037:30pmBrother’s Little HelperAABF22 RM
Fri 14 Feb 20038:00pmThe Principal and the Pauper4F23 RM
Mon 17 Feb 20037:30pmSimpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D’oh-cious3G03 R
Wed 19 Feb 20037:30pmHow I Spent My Strummer VacationDABF22
Fri 21 Feb 20037:30pmGuess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner?AABF21 RM
Fri 21 Feb 20038:00pmLisa’s Sax3G02 RM
Mon 24 Feb 20037:30pmTreehouse of Horror XBABF01 R
Wed 26 Feb 20037:30pmBart vs Lisa vs 3rd GradeDABF20
Fri 28 Feb 20037:30pmTreehouse of Horror VIII5F02 RM
Fri 28 Feb 20038:00pmThe Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show4F12 RM
Mon 3 Mar 20037:30pmE-I-E-I-D’oh!AABF19 R
Wed 5 Mar 20037:30pmLarge MargeDABF18
Fri 7 Mar 20037:30pmDas Bus5F11 RM
Fri 7 Mar 20038:00pmThe Simpsons Spin-off Showcase4F20 RM
Mon 10 Mar 20037:30pmHello Gutter, Hello FadderBABF02 R
Wed 12 Mar 20037:30pmHelter ShelterDABF21
Fri 14 Mar 20037:30pmBart Star5F03 RM
Fri 14 Mar 20038:00pmThe Brother From Another Series4F14 RM
Mon 17 Mar 20037:30pmEight Misbehavin’BABF03 R
Wed 19 Mar 20037:30pmThe Great Louse DetectiveEABF01 M
Wed 19 Mar 20038:00pmSpecial EdnaEABF02 M
Fri 21 Mar 20037:30pmThe Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons5F04 RM
Fri 21 Mar 20038:00pmMy Sister, My Sitter4F13 RM
Sat 22 Mar 20036:30pmWhen You Dish Upon a Star5F19 RM
Sat 22 Mar 20037:00pmFear of Flying2F08 RM
Mon 24 Mar 20037:30pmTake My Wife, SleazeBABF05 R
Wed 26 Mar 20037:30pmThe Dad Who Knew Too LittleEABF03 M
Wed 26 Mar 20038:00pmThe Parent RapCABF22 RM
Fri 28 Mar 20037:30pmLisa the Skeptic5F05 RM
Fri 28 Mar 20038:00pmHomer vs the Eighteenth Amendment4F15 RM
Mon 31 Mar 20037:30pmGrift of the MagiBABF07 R
Wed 2 Apr 20037:30pmThe Strong Arms of the MaEABF04
Fri 4 Apr 20037:30pmRealty Bites5F06 RM
Fri 4 Apr 20038:00pmGrade School Confidential4F09 RM
Mon 7 Apr 20037:30pmLittle Big MomBABF04 R
Wed 9 Apr 20037:30pmPray AnythingEABF06
Fri 11 Apr 20037:30pmMiracle on Evergreen Terrace5F07 RM
Fri 11 Apr 20038:00pmThe Canine Mutiny4F16 RM
Mon 14 Apr 20037:30pmFaith OffBABF06 R
Wed 16 Apr 20037:30pmTreehouse of Horror IXAABF01 RM
Wed 16 Apr 20038:00pmLard of the Dance5F20 RM
Fri 18 Apr 20037:30pmAll Singing, All Dancing5F24 RM
Fri 18 Apr 20038:00pmThe Old Man and the Lisa4F17 RM
Mon 21 Apr 20037:30pmThe Mansion FamilyBABF08 R
Wed 23 Apr 20037:30pmA Tale of Two SpringfieldsBABF20 RM
Wed 23 Apr 20038:00pmThe Wizard of Evergreen Terrace5F21 RM
Fri 2 May 20038:00pmThe Joy of Sect5F23 R
Tue 6 May 20038:30pmBarting OverEABF05
Tue 6 May 20039:00pmI’m Spelling as Fast as I CanEABF07
Wed 7 May 20037:30pmGrift of the MagiBABF07 R
Fri 9 May 20038:00pmHomer’s Phobia4F11 R
Wed 14 May 20037:30pmA Star is Born AgainEABF08
Fri 16 May 20038:00pmThe Last Temptation of Krust5F10 R
Wed 21 May 20037:30pmMr. Spritz Goes to WashingtonEABF09
Fri 23 May 20038:00pmDumbbell Indemnity5F12 R
Wed 28 May 20037:30pmLisa the TreehuggerCABF01 R
Wed 28 May 20038:00pmBart the Mother5F22 R
Fri 30 May 20038:00pmLisa the Simpson4F24 R
Wed 4 Jun 20037:30pmHomer vs DignityCABF04 R
Wed 4 Jun 20038:00pmTreehouse of Horror IXAABF01 R
Fri 6 Jun 20038:00pmThis Little Wiggy5F13 R
Sat 7 Jun 20036:00pmMarge in Chains9F20 R
Sat 7 Jun 20036:30pmKrusty Gets Kancelled9F19 R
Wed 11 Jun 20037:30pmThe Computer Wore Menace ShoesCABF02 R
Wed 11 Jun 20038:00pmD’oh-in’ in the WindAABF02 R
Fri 13 Jun 20038:00pmSimpson Tide3G04 R
Wed 18 Jun 20037:30pmThe Great Money CaperCABF03 R
Wed 18 Jun 20038:00pmLisa Gets an AAABF03 R
Fri 20 Jun 20038:00pmThe Trouble with Trillions5F14 R
Wed 25 Jun 20037:30pmSkinner’s Sense of SnowCABF06 R
Wed 25 Jun 20038:00pmHomer Simpson in “Kidney Trouble”AABF04 R
Fri 27 Jun 20038:00pmGirly Edition5F15 R
Wed 2 Jul 20037:30pmHOMRBABF22 R
Wed 2 Jul 20038:00pmMayored to the MobAABF05 R
Fri 4 Jul 20038:00pmTrash of the Titans5F09 R
Wed 9 Jul 20037:30pmPokey MomCABF05 R
Wed 9 Jul 20038:00pmViva Ned FlandersAABF06 R
Fri 11 Jul 20038:00pmHomer’s Enemy4F19 R
Wed 16 Jul 20037:30pmWorst Episode EverCABF08 R
Wed 16 Jul 20038:00pmWild Barts Can’t Be BrokenAABF07 R
Fri 18 Jul 20038:00pmThe Secret War of Lisa Simpson4F21 R
Wed 23 Jul 20037:30pmTennis the MenaceCABF07 R
Wed 23 Jul 20038:00pmSunday, Cruddy SundayAABF08 R
Fri 25 Jul 20037:30pmThe City of New York vs Homer Simpson4F22 R
Fri 25 Jul 20038:00pmCape Feare9F22 R
Wed 30 Jul 20037:30pmDay of the JackanapesCABF10 R
Wed 30 Jul 20038:00pmHomer to the MaxAABF09 R
Fri 1 Aug 20037:30pmWho Shot Mr Burns? — Part One2F16 R
Fri 1 Aug 20038:00pmWho Shot Mr Burns? — Part Two2F20 R
Wed 6 Aug 20037:30pmNew Kids on the BlecchCABF12 R
Wed 6 Aug 20038:00pmI’m With CupidAABF11 R
Fri 8 Aug 20037:30pmItchy & Scratchy Land2F01 R
Fri 8 Aug 20038:00pmAnother Simpsons Clip Show2F33 R
Mon 11 Aug 20038:00pmC. E. D’ohEABF10
Wed 13 Aug 20037:30pmHungry, Hungry HomerCABF09 R
Wed 13 Aug 20038:00pmMarge Simpson in: “Screaming Yellow Honkers”AABF10 R
Fri 15 Aug 20037:30pmHome Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily3F01 R
Fri 15 Aug 20038:00pmThe Cartridge Family5F01 R
Mon 18 Aug 20038:00pm’Scuse Me While I Miss the SkyEABF11
Wed 20 Aug 20037:30pmBye Bye NerdieCABF11 R
Wed 20 Aug 20038:00pmMake Room for LisaAABF12 R
Fri 22 Aug 20037:30pmMissionary: ImpossibleBABF11 R
Fri 22 Aug 20038:00pmA Star is Burns2F31 R
Mon 25 Aug 20038:00pmThree Gays of the CondoEABF12
Wed 27 Aug 20037:30pmSimpson SafariCABF13 R
Wed 27 Aug 20038:00pmMaximum HomerdriveAABF13 R
Fri 29 Aug 20037:30pmHomer vs the Eighteenth Amendment4F15 R
Fri 29 Aug 20038:00pmGrade School Confidential4F09 R
Mon 1 Sep 20038:00pmDude, Where’s My Ranch?EABF13
Wed 3 Sep 20037:30pmTrilogy of ErrorCABF14 R
Wed 3 Sep 20038:00pmSimpsons Bible StoriesAABF14 R
Fri 5 Sep 20037:30pmThe Canine Mutiny4F16 R
Fri 5 Sep 20038:00pmThe Old Man and the Lisa4F17 R
Mon 8 Sep 20038:00pmOld Yeller-BellyEABF14
Wed 10 Sep 20037:30pmI’m Goin’ to PraiselandCABF15 R
Wed 10 Sep 20038:00pmMom and Pop ArtAABF15 R
Fri 12 Sep 20037:30pmHomer’s Enemy4F19 R*
Fri 12 Sep 20038:00pmThe Front9F16 R*
Wed 17 Sep 20037:30pmChildren of a Lesser ClodCABF16 R
Wed 17 Sep 20038:00pmThe Old Man and the “C” StudentAABF16 R
Fri 19 Sep 20037:30pmTreehouse of Horror VI3F04 R
Fri 19 Sep 20038:00pmA Star is Burns2F31 R
Wed 24 Sep 20037:30pmBrake My Wife, PleaseEABF15
Fri 26 Sep 20037:30pmThe City of New York vs Homer Simpson4F22 R*
Fri 26 Sep 20038:00pmYou Only Move Twice3F23 R*
Wed 1 Oct 20037:30pmThe Blunder YearsCABF21 R
Fri 3 Oct 20037:30pmThe Principal and the Pauper4F23 R
Fri 3 Oct 20038:00pmMr Lisa Goes To Washington8F01 R
Wed 8 Oct 20037:30pmShe of Little FaithDABF02 R
Fri 10 Oct 20037:00pmLife on the Fast Lane7G11 R
Fri 10 Oct 20037:30pmGirly Edition5F15 R
Fri 10 Oct 20038:00pmLisa the Beauty Queen9F02 R
Fri 10 Oct 20038:30pmHomer the Heretic9F01 R
Fri 10 Oct 20039:00pmLike Father, Like Clown8F05 R
Wed 15 Oct 20037:30pmBrawl in the FamilyDABF01 R
Fri 17 Oct 20037:30pmTreehouse of Horror VIII5F02 R
Fri 17 Oct 20038:00pmBart The Murderer8F03 R
Wed 22 Oct 20037:30pmSweets and Sour MargeDABF03 R
Fri 24 Oct 20037:30pmBart Star5F03 R
Fri 24 Oct 20038:00pmHomer Defined8F04 R
Wed 29 Oct 20037:30pmJaws Wired ShutDABF05 R
Fri 31 Oct 20037:30pmThe Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons5F04 R
Fri 31 Oct 20038:00pmSaturdays of Thunder8F07 R
Tue 4 Nov 20038:30pmThe Bart of WarEABF16
Tue 4 Nov 20039:00pmWeekend at Burnsie’sDABF11 R
Wed 5 Nov 20037:30pmHalf-Decent ProposalDABF04 R
Fri 7 Nov 20037:30pmLisa the Skeptic5F05 R
Fri 7 Nov 20038:00pmFlaming Moe’s8F08 R
Tue 11 Nov 20038:30pmMoe Baby BluesEABF17
Tue 11 Nov 20039:00pmGump RoastDABF12 R
End of new Season Fourteen episodes.
Wed 12 Nov 20037:30pmThe Bart Wants What it WantsDABF06 R
Wed 12 Nov 20038:00pmTreehouse of Horror VII4F02 R
Fri 14 Nov 20037:30pmRealty Bites5F06 R
Fri 14 Nov 20038:00pmBurns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk8F09 R
Mon 17 Nov 20037:30pmI Am Furious (Yellow)DABF13 R
Fri 21 Nov 20037:30pmThe Joy of Sect5F23 R
Fri 21 Nov 20038:00pmI Married Marge8F10 R
Mon 24 Nov 20037:30pmThe Sweetest ApuDABF14 R
Wed 26 Nov 20037:30pmThe Latest Gun in the WestDABF07 R
Wed 26 Nov 20038:00pmHomer’s Phobia4F11 R
Fri 28 Nov 20037:30pmAll Singing, All Dancing5F24 R
Fri 28 Nov 20038:00pmRadio Bart8F11 R
Mon 1 Dec 20037:30pmYou Only Move Twice3F23 R
Mon 1 Dec 20038:00pmThe Homer They Fall4F03 R
Wed 3 Dec 20037:30pmBeyond BlunderdomeAABF23 R
Wed 3 Dec 20038:00pmLisa the Greek8F12 R
Fri 5 Dec 20037:30pmBart Carny5F08 R
Mon 8 Dec 20037:30pmBurns, Baby Burns4F05 R
Mon 8 Dec 20038:00pmBart After Dark4F06 R
Wed 10 Dec 20037:30pmBrother’s Little HelperAABF22 R
Wed 10 Dec 20038:00pmAnother Simpsons Clip Show2F33 R
Fri 12 Dec 20037:30pmA Star is Burns2F31 R
Mon 15 Dec 20037:30pmA Milhouse Divided4F04 R
Mon 15 Dec 20038:00pmLisa’s Date with Density4F01 R
Wed 17 Dec 20037:30pmGuess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner?AABF21 R
Wed 17 Dec 20038:00pmA Streetcar Named Marge8F18 R
Fri 19 Dec 20037:30pmItchy & Scratchy Land2F01 R
Mon 22 Dec 20037:30pmMiracle on Evergreen Terrace5F07 R
Mon 22 Dec 20038:00pmHurricane Neddy4F07 R
Wed 24 Dec 20037:30pmSkinner’s Sense of SnowCABF06 R
Wed 24 Dec 20038:00pmHomer vs DignityCABF04 R
Mon 29 Dec 20037:30pmEl Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer3F24 R
Mon 29 Dec 20038:00pmThe Springfield Files3G01 R
Wed 31 Dec 20037:30pmWho Shot Mr Burns? — Part One2F16 R
Wed 31 Dec 20038:00pmWho Shot Mr Burns? — Part Two2F20 R
Mon 5 Jan 20047:30pmThe Twisted World of Marge Simpson4F08 R
Mon 5 Jan 20048:00pmMountain of Madness4F10 R
Wed 7 Jan 20047:30pmTreehouse of Horror XBABF01 R
Wed 7 Jan 20048:00pmThe Last Temptation of Homer1F07 R
Wed 14 Jan 20047:30pmE-I-E-I-D’oh!AABF19 R
Wed 14 Jan 20048:00pmCape Feare9F22 R
Mon 19 Jan 20047:30pmSimpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D’oh-cious3G03 R
Mon 19 Jan 20048:00pmThe Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show4F12 R
Wed 21 Jan 20047:30pmHello Gutter, Hello FadderBABF02 R
Wed 21 Jan 20048:00pmEight Misbehavin’BABF03 R
Mon 26 Jan 20047:30pmThe Brother From Another Series4F14 R
Mon 26 Jan 20048:00pmMy Sister, My Sitter4F13 R
Wed 28 Jan 20047:30pmTake My Wife, SleazeBABF05 R
Wed 28 Jan 20048:00pmLittle Big MomBABF04 R
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